Informational Tips for Better Quality Sleep

Did You Know that Good Sleepers Often…

March 29, 2021

Are List Makers

Suggestion: Try keeping a master “to-do” list. You can divide your list into sections to keep it better organized (e.g., work, household, social, appointments, etc). People who keep lists tend to have a greater sense of control over their lives and experience less anxiety over meeting their responsibilities. Good sleepers don’t have a bunch of stuff rattling around in their heads while they are trying to relax and go to sleep. Why should you?

Sleep well!

March 23, 2021

Have Good Awareness of their Nutrition

Suggestion: Try making a mental note of what you ate the day before having a difficult time sleeping. Likewise, try to remember what you ate the day before getting a good night’s sleep. You may be able to see how what you are eating is affecting the amount and the quality of sleep you are getting.

Sleep well!